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Bad Ischl - Spa Resort, Lehar Festival, etc.

The heart of the Salzkammergut

The charming spa town of Bad Ischl is often considered the heart of the Salzkammergut and seen by some as the sentimental capital of this wonderful Lake district. Those who know Bad Ischl appreciate the strong polarisation within the town that makes it so very special. On the one hand it is a traditional spa town with the inimitable reminders of its former Imperial glory. On the other hand hidden behind the historical facade Bad Ischl has proved itself over the years to be a modern and hospitable congress and spa town with its sights set on a successful and innovative future.

Here it is the apparently tiny details and simple things in life that make this spa town so special; the tranquility, the fragrance of unspoilt nature and the spectacular views from the peaks of the local mountains, a short rest on a bench under a shady tree, a stroll through the charming streets, the choice of sporting and leisure activities for all age groups and the very special Salzkammergut flair that is Bad Ischl.

A visit to the Kaiser Villa or the Lehar Villa is a must, but also the gothic church of St. Nikolaus, completed during the reign of Empress Maria Theresia, is well worth a visit. The Automobile Museum and the Salt Mines are just the right thing for the kids and to finish off the day you can treat yourself to a delicious piece of Austrian cake in the famous Cafe Zauner.

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