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Tipps for rainy days

Thermal spa, Bad Ischl

The Bad Ischl spa is such a place. A place full of peace, deceleration, wellness. And a lot of everything. In the middle of the beautiful Salzkammergut. With an impressive panorama. And in an imperial ambience. Where the beneficial power of salt and brine can be felt throughout the entire spa landscape. Where we find relaxation in the Relaxium sauna world or immerse ourselves in the oriental world of wellness - the Bad Ischl thermal baths offer more than just a short break. It offers a new level of deceleration.

House of Nature Museum, Salzburg

The Haus der Natur was founded in 1924. It is both an exhibition centre addressing both local and international issues, and a multifunctional competence centre serving the city and province of Salzburg.

With its exhibitions the Haus der Natur attempts to inspire a large number of visitors, to stimulate their interest in the wealth of different aspects of the natural world, to communicate an understanding for natural processes and to open a way towards nature. These aims are supported by a lively and varied presentation of many different subjects including that of man. Starting with the founder of the Haus der Natur, Eduard Paul Tratz, our museum has always been a role model of modern, lively museum didactics. This trend-setting concept is applied consistently with the search for new methods of presentation and revolutionary means of addressing new and current issues - in both permanent and changing special exhibitions. With this approach the Haus der Natur seems to be on the right way, since about 250 000 to 300 000 visitors are counted each year.

As a Nature competence centre the Haus der Natur plays an important role in the scientific exploration of the province of Salzburg, including the documentation and transportation of results. Knowledge about the natural world, its permanent transformation and threats entails a large responsibility. Since its foundation the Haus der Natur has therefore also always assumed the role of a monitor, public adviser, initiator and supporter of different activities of nature and environmental conservation.

Salt Mines in Hallein, Hallstatt & Bad Aussee

Again there are a number of salt mines that can be visited, Hallein is probably the nearest and can be combined with a visit to the Celtic Village. After visiting the town of Bad Isch you could visit the mines there, or alternatively visit the mines just over the border in Bad Reichenhall and end the day with a swim in the activity swimming pool “Watzmann”. All the mines are great fun for all the family. At first the proper miner’s overalls must be adorned, then a small-train ride takes you into the heart of the mountains. From here on the guided tour, also in English, takes you down deeper and deeper into the mine on foot and using long wooden slides. A fascinating experience for all the family.

Hangar 7, Salzburg

Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport is no usual aircraft hangar, but an architectural masterpiece that has meanwhile become Salzburg’s modern-day landmark. Hangar 7 houses numerous aircraft and Formula 1 racing cars, it also hosts exhibitions and is now a world famous venue for events of all kinds. Entry is free!

Stiegl Brewery Exhibition, Salzburg

The Stiegl Brewery Exhibition must be part of each Salzburg-visit because Salzburg is not only the city of festivals but also the secret beer-capital of Austria. The typical beer of Salzburg has been brewed since 1492. That's the reason why already the local genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart loved a fresh glass of Stiegl.

The brewery of Stiegl is the biggest private brewery in Austria and its exhibition is a further sight for the visitors of Salzburg.

Experience the art of brewery and the history of beer. Enjoy the restaurant and at least ten different types of Stiegl.

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