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Hiking & Nordic Walking

Routes in Fuschl am See

And there isn’t a more beautiful place to try your hand at this trend sport. It’s easy to learn, you can walk in any weather and you’re never too old, or too young, to start! All you need is a good pair of shoes, poles and you’re off!

Of course it helps when the Nordic walking route takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes Austria has to offer. Your host is a keen walker and will show you the basics on one of her standard routes through the adorable village of Fuschl am See. You will soon notice that your general feeling of wellbeing takes a noticeable turn for the better, resistance to illness improves and you’ll look forward to each walk anew.

The beautiful Lake Fuschl Region countryside and its ever changing terrain mean that each route is unique and there’s something new to discover every time. Nordic walking activates most of the body’s muscles and burns considerably more calories than normal walking. The special poles provide extra stability on slippery ground and ease the strain on the knees and spine. On your holiday at the Stefanihof in Fuschl am See you can book special Nordic walking courses or join in the guided Nordic walking tours.

The Nordic walking routes in Fuschl am See are varied and, as you walk different facets of the spectacular mountain scenery unfold. Take a well earned break and experience the fantastic Alpine scenery, clean fresh air stunning countryside for yourself while you recharge your batteries and become fit on the Nordic Walking trails - We can’t wait to see you.

The romantic 11,8 kilometre walk around Lake Fuschl can be undertaken all through the year and is the ideal way to explore the area. The lake covers an area of 2,7 km, is 66 m at its deepest point and lies between the two villages of Hof bei Salzburg and Fuschl am See. The crystal clear waters of the lake reach temperatures of up to 24°C, but for those of you who like it warmer, the heated outdoor pool at the Beach and Sports Club is right by the lake. Also new at the beach club this year is the water slide, so fun and action are guaranteed for all the family.

The path or SEEWEG follows the contours of the lake so that you always have a lake view, the various different landscapes that you pass make the route interesting and there is even a nature trail in English and German to give you an idea of the local flora and fauna along the way.

The start of the walk is just outside the Hotel Stefanihof. If you take the narrow path leading between the Hotel Seerose and the Heuboden disco you come to the path that will lead you past the hotels Schützenhof and Schlick to the lakeside promenade, continue along the promenade and along the pavement past the Hotel Seewinkel, just after the Seewinkel a small path leads you down to the lake (small hotel car park on the right-hand side). From here on you can’t go wrong, simply follow the path and the yellow “Seeweg” signs.

At the far end of the lake there is a small local restaurant for refreshments, or if you carry on around the end of the lake you will come to the castle fishery where delicious smoked fish is served. From here you can either follow the path back to Fuschl which will bring you out at the main road by the large Red Bull headquarters (modern glass building), take a bus from the Jagdhof Hotel back to the Stefanihof where you are dropped off just outside the hotel’s front door, or alternatively you can take the “Zille” boat from the fishery back to the promenade - before you set off check the departure times of the boat.

Bikes are not allowed on the round the lake walk as the path is too narrow. It’s possible to do the walk with a buggy or pushchair but in places the roots and fallen trees mean that some lifting is necessary. In addition to the round the lake walk and the many bathing beaches dotted around Lake Fuschl, you will also enjoy ideal for fishing conditions. Try your hand at diving, hire a boat or simply relax and unwind with an aqua-jogging session or a run.

At the check-in you will receive your FREE hiking map of the Lake Fuschl Region which will help you to explore the 5 lakes and numerous mountain peaks in the area at your own pace on more than 800 km of marked hiking routes. There are hiking routes suitable for every level of fitness and with varying grades of difficulty. Just some of the reasons why you should send your request for an individual holiday offer at the Hotel Stefanihof.

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