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MdM Mönchsberg

Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg

In 1998, under the direction of Swiss chairman Luigi Snozzi, a jury comprised of eleven persons chose the project of the Friedrich Hoff Zwink Munich architectural team. In only three and a half years of construction, a museum emerged offering the greatest possible variety for different exhibition sizes and other activities. The facade on the outside of the building was panelled with Untersberg marble and segmented using vertical gaps. In addition to their function in support of the climate-controlled technology of the museum, they can be seen as references to the site, the city of Salzburg and in relation to future-oriented technology. Using a new computer programme, the main arias from Mozart's opera, Don Giovanni, are written on the facade in the shape of cuts whose rhythm reflects the structure of the score. Inside, a spaciously arranged, visually uniform space of 2,300 square metres provides the perfect conditions for exhibiting art of the 20th and 21st centuries with its great variety of demands.

Level 1
In addition to the foyer, houses the auditorium, the museum shop, the coat check and the technical areas.

Level 2
The first exhibition level that is entirely supplied with artificial light also accommodates the offices.

Level 3
In addition to the exhibition spaces, a large panorama window opens up to the sculpture terrace enabling a dialogue between exhibits in the inner and outer area. Artificial and natural light are mixed here. Also found on this level are the restaurant with seating for 190 guests and a panorama terrace with a view of the city.

Level 4
Provides the biggest exhibition space where consistently large overhead lights, which can also be dimmed, supply an optimum amount of daylight.

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