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Mozart Residence

Documenting the history of the Mozart family

Young Mozart lived here in the bosom of his family until 1780 and during these years he composed numerous symphonies, serenades and divertimenti. He also composed five concertos for violin and piano concertos, among them the ‘concerto for three pianos’ KV 242, the ‘Lützow concerto’ KV 246 and the ‘Jeunehomme concerto’ KV 271. With respect to dramatic works, he started composing ‘La finta giardinera’ KV 196, he created ‘Il re pastore’ KV 208 and parts of ‘Idomeneo’ KV 366. Mozart’s sister Nannerl lived here until 1784, their father Leopold Mozart lived here until his death on May 28, 1787.

On January 26, 1996 Mozart’s residence was opened for the public. Today, the rooms on the first floor house a museum documenting the history of the house and the life of the Mozart family there, focusing on the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. An infra-red guiding system in six languages, with extracts from Mozart's works as a background, accompanies the visitor through the museum. The museum pays particular attention to the journeys of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (they can be followed on a wall map) and his sister Maria Anna (‘Nannerl’). An ‘ambiance room’ exemplifies how domestic interiors looked at the time. The exhibition is rounded off by a multivision production titled ‘Mozart and Salzburg’ - also available in six languages.

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