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Castle Museum Hohensalzburg

Winner of the Austrian Museum Prize

The Castle Museum was re-opened in September 2000 in resplendent, restored rooms of the castle’s Hoher Stock, which was begun in 1077 and extended several times afterwards. The exhibition documents the history of the fortress and daily life in a castle.

On show are archaeological finds from excavations, among them Roman coins and ceramics, the remains of a wall of a recently discovered Roman fort on the highest point of the castle hill, a medieval heating system, recently discovered twelfth-century Romanesque arcades, and a medieval gold treasure. The Castle Museum also presents weapons and suits of armour, instruments of torture, a complete castle kitchen, Gothic furniture, and handicraft objects of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The historic military music instruments can be heard individually or as an orchestra.

The Hohensalzburg fortress is one the largest preserved medieval castle complexes in Europe, comprising 50 buildings on a total floor space of 33,000 square metres. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic view of the city of Salzburg from the Castle Museum vantage point. The Castle Museum was awarded the 2001 Austrian Museum Prize.

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